Uncompromising Quality

At TKO Jerky, our product is a reflection of our craft. And our craft is our passion. Every order receives meticulous attention to detail akin to a Samurai swordsman perfecting his blade. Nothing is left to chance. This dedication ensures our quality is second to none.
  • Superior Freshness

    Nothing beats the taste and freshness of a product made without preservatives. Our jerky is crafted in small batches to ensure optimal quality, giving you a delicious snack that's meant to be enjoyed now, not stored away for months.
  • Real Ingredients

    We use only the finest spices, ingredients, and premium cuts of Angus beef when hand-crafting our jerky. These authentic ingredients and spices create a symphony of knockout flavors for your tastebuds.
  • No Preservatives

    TKO Jerky is a testament to pure, unadulterated flavor. We refuse to compromise on the natural goodness of our product by using artificial additives or chemical preservatives. Simple as that. Taste the genuine difference.
  • Aaron S. (TX)

    "Need a snack? Don't snap into a Slim Jim, snap into some REAL Texas homemade authentic jerky!!! TKO Jerky all the way!!"
  • Jonathan B. (PA)

    "Lord Have Mercy order received. It's good!! Frontier style. Hot but not ridiculous. Some tears of heat. Some sweat."
  • Ben A. (TX)

    "Best jerky I've ever had, hands down!"
  • Sophie R. (SC)

    "Not for nothing, we are not jerky people, but this is the best we've had... seriously."
  • Tony D. (TX)

    "I recently discovered TKO Jerky and became instantly addicted. Both my family & business are loyal customers of TKO Jerky. They have the best selection of jerky around, and I highly recommend it to everyone!"
  • Paul J. (TX)

    "A+ packaging; taste is amazing."
  • Greg T. (WI)

    "I've never seen jerky strips prepared like this before. They're like French fries... incredible flavor."
  • Aaron J. (CO)

    "TKO Jerky truly is the bomb💣"

Taste the Difference

In a world filled with preservative-laden options, we invite you to experience the pure, unadulterated difference that TKO Jerky brings to the table. Our preservative-free jerky is a revelation of flavor, a testament to our dedication to quality, and a promise of a snack that's better for you and the planet.

Superior Freshness. Real Ingredients.
No Preservatives. Knockout Flavor.