A Family Tradition

We are a family-owned and operated business based in Round Rock, TX. We have been making hand-crafted premium jerky using a family recipe since 2012, but it was always more of a fun hobby than a profession. Over the years, word of mouth spread through friends and family, and demand intensified. Customers would tell us that our product is the best jerky they've ever had...Better than anything they can buy in supermarkets, gas stations, specialty stores, or online.
We realized the potential to be an up-and-coming challenger in the beef jerky industry and made the decision to incorporate in 2022 as a result. Jerky is our passion and we believe if you find your passion, success will find you. We envision tremendous growth on the horizon and aspire to be a household name nationwide and internationally.
  • John D. (TX)

    "The Lord Have Mercy might be the best jerky me and my wife ever had."
  • Rick E. (TX)

    "Stuff is like candy 🍭 ... Jerky is delicious."
  • Nathan J. (TN)

    "Jerky has arrived... πŸ‘πŸ‘! From Ashley and I. Nice heat with a balance of sweet. Very tasty!"
  • Andrea G. (CA)

    "I love jerky. The Lord Have Mercy was wicked hot. I took a big piece and my eyes watered. It was one of those dang that's hot but so good momentsπŸ˜‚!"
  • Teri D. (NE)

    "It was great. We JUST LOVE IT. We delivered a LB of Mild to our neighbor, and he said he loved it, too! He said it was gone by the weekend! Very popular!"
  • Lou R. (NJ)

    "The Product is TREMENDOUS! Literally the perfect combo of sweet & spicy for me. Shannon loves it too. Great job!!!
  • Jonathan G. (TX)

    "The delayed heat on the Hot Jerky is AMAZING. Ever since finding this Jerky I dont want anything else 😭."
  • Joe S. (NJ)

    "TKO Jerky is some of the most flavorful jerky I've ever tasted. Perfectly balanced flavor to heat ratio with a premium consistency and texture. Legit as they come. "